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Beautiful Saturday on the Beach @ Sydney

This is the fifth week that Ive been living in Sydney Australia. Three years ago I once came here as a tourist, I thought that one week on my vacation (difficult to have) for travel was enough. Sydneys transportation is very convenient for backpackers or if you love to travel with a tour company therere a lot of agencies that you can choose. For this time I came here as a student so Id have a lot of time to travel around so every Saturday is my travel day ! 哈哈 ^0^

Today the sky is clear and the temperature is good (about 19c). I get up early because Ive an appointment with my Thai friends and Cindy (my Korean friend shes very cute and funny keke^^ shes my classmate), our meeting point is at Circular Quay Ferry Terminal. Today weve a plan to travel on several beaches. While Im waiting for my friends I go for a walk on the right of Circular Quay. I see a group of Aboriginal Australians, theyre playing a concert on the sidewalk and therere a lot of people interested in them. Then I go straight I see a strange donkey (actually theres a man inside) but when I see it again I think its very cute and creative then I go forward and I see Sydney Harbour Bridge ^0^ So beautiful! I think when the weather is warm Id like to do the bridge climb thats the ultimate experience of Sydney but its very expensive for me huhu.T_T Cindy calls me, she just arrives then I go back to the meeting point again. We plan to travel all day so we think that we should buy a Day Tripper because its an all-in-one day ticket that gives us unlimited travel on train, bus & ferries for just only $15.40. We can buy it at the entrance of the wharf and we dont forget to ask the timetables so we know we should go first.

Our suitable time, we should go to Manly first so weve to board a ferry at wharf 3.We choose to sit indoor. Todays Saturday therere a lot of people going there. When the ferry moves out , we go to the stern of the ferry to take a lot of photos and we change to sit outdoor. Theres some hard-blowing wind but we can see some beautiful views I think its worthwhile. About 30 minutes later we arrive at Manly. On both of the sidewalks therere many restaurants , shops and retail stores same in the city. Important thing, therere many discount shops (SALE 60% OFF) so its cheaper than the shops in the city, but weve to go to the beach first.

The way that we go to the beach is not far then I can see the beautiful blue sea in front of me Wow!! ^O^ I hurry to take a lot of photos, Therere a few people sunbathing. We go for a walkand go back in the same way. While Im waiting Mays buying a pair of canvas shoes, Im looking at the cute boy whos playing a magic. Splendid! Then we hurry to go back to the wharf and we still sit outdoors. Were nearly hungry, I take some dessertsthat I bring from home to have with my friends so^^hehe. Weve to go back to the start at Circular Quay again.

Next target that we want to go is at Watsons Bay so weve to board a ferry at wharf 4. While were waiting

for the ferry, were having some sandwiches for lunch. This ferry is smaller than the last one but its a gorgeous ferry.We choose to sit outdoors of the upstairs because we love to see some nice views. After 10 minutes the ferry stops at Double Bay thats a beautiful place because therere many yachts full to the brim. When the ferry gets out from the shore then we feel very cold by reason of the hard-blowing wind so our overcoats arent enough. Kob goes to hide indoor but Cindy, my friends and I are still outdoor, were fighting!! T_T, we bend down and hide in the back of the chairs in front of us. In a few minutes we arrive at Rose Bay but it doesnt have anything interesting.

The next stop is our target thatsWatsons Bay..^^ We go on to the shore and go straight on the way, Wow!! So beautiful!! Id like to sit here and see some nice views right in frontof me but Cindy tells us we should go direct because her roommate told her before that we should go next, therere many nice places waiting us. That would be great! we believe Cindy without doubt. When we cross the road we can see some nice views that Cindy tell us, Its called Sydney Harbour National Park Gap BluffUm! So beautiful !! ^o^ we climb up and we take a lot of photos then we come back down. We see an ice-cream shop and wed like to have some. May tells us this shop is cheaper than a shop in the city by about 50c Um! We dont miss out hehe^^Its so delicious!

Our next target is atBondi Beach, the lady in the ice-cream Shop advices us that we can get on a bus to Bondi. We agree to go by bus which were waiting for about 10 minutes. The bus driver is highly skilled so we feel safe. The way he drives therere many beautiful houses, its pleasing to the eyes. Kob and I once came here in the first week that we came in Sydney so we can advise my friends the way we should get off the bus. I lead the way to the beach then we see the man whos spraying the beautiful pictures on long wall. Its so cool!! huhu^O^ Nobodys taking a sunbath but therere a few people surfing then we go for a walk and we see a few people playing skateboards expertly.

We get on the bus to Bondi Junction to connect the train into the city. Were going to have diner together at China Town. Cindy says thank you to us that today we went to travel with her and we have had a wonderful experience together. Were impressive and hard to forget it. ~The End~

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Good luck everybody, Fighting together! 一起加油吧!